Across many parts of Asia tonight, beautiful paper lanterns of various shapes and sizes will be lit to mark the end of Lunar New Year celebrations. Today’s Google doodle in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan illustrates the Lantern Festival tradition of children carrying their handmade made paper lamps to their local temple, where they try to guess riddles written on the lanterns in return for a small gift.

For a closer look at these exquisite lanterns in their typical setting, we’ve just published to Street View 360-degree imagery of several tourist destinations in the middle of their Lunar New Year celebrations. These include the historical cities of Tai'erzhuang and Zhoucun in Shandong, China and the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre in Hong Kong, so people around the world can virtually experience the festivities through Google Maps.

Tai'erzhuang District, Shandong

Zhoucun Main Street, Shandong

West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre, Hong Kong

Wishing all our readers a colorful Lantern Festival!

Posted by Cynthia Wei, Street View Program Manager